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This is a collection of all sermons at Colonial Baptist Church starting with the most recent. Use the search box or menu selections at the top of the page to view more specific results (i.e. - Book of the Bible, Sermon title, Series name).

Datesort icon Title Sermon Series Scripture PDF Speaker
10/29/1988 Ingredients of Integrity Genesis Genesis 6:1-9:17 PDF Manuscript Stephen Davey
10/23/1988 Truths From an Ancient Record Genesis Genesis 5 PDF Manuscript Stephen Davey
10/16/1988 The Curse of Cain Genesis Genesis 4 PDF Manuscript Stephen Davey
10/09/1988 Goodbye to Paradise Genesis Genesis 3 PDF Manuscript Stephen Davey
10/02/1988 God's Design for Marriage Genesis Genesis 2:23-25 PDF Manuscript Stephen Davey
09/25/1988 The Climax of Creation Genesis Genesis 2:1-23 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
09/25/1988 The Faith that Overcomes The Triumph of Faith Hebrews 11:30-40 PDF Manuscript Stephen Davey
09/18/1988 And God Said... Genesis Genesis 1:1-23 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
09/11/1988 The Book of Beginnings Genesis Genesis 1:1 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
01/08/1988 A Sacrifice and a Sign Genesis Genesis 22 PDF Manuscript Stephen Davey
11/29/1987 The Sower, the Soil and the Seed What Did Jesus Do Mark 4:1-20 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
11/22/1987 The Unpardonable Sin What Did Jesus Do Mark 3:20-35 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
11/15/1987 A Ragtag Band of Misfits What Did Jesus Do Mark 3:13-19 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
11/08/1987 Splitting Hairs What Did Jesus Do Mark 2:18 - 3:6 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
11/01/1987 Never Off Duty . . . Always On Call What Did Jesus Do Mark 2:1-17 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
10/18/1987 The Final Authority What Did Jesus Do Mark 1:21-45 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
10/11/1987 The Demands of Discipleship What Did Jesus Do Mark 1:14-20 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
10/04/1987 First Things First What Did Jesus Do Mark 1:9-13 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
09/27/1987 Five Small Locusts and Two Cups of... The Gospel of Action Mark 1:1-8 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
09/20/1987 Introducing . . . The Gospel of... The Gospel of Action Mark CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
08/30/1987 The Showdown Daniel Daniel 6:16-28 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
08/23/1987 Christianity . . . From 9 to 5 Daniel Daniel 6:1-16 PDF Manuscript Stephen Davey
08/16/1987 Like Father...Like Grandson Daniel Daniel 5 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
08/09/1987 The Pride and Fall of... Daniel Daniel 4 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
08/02/1987 When Christianity Doesn't Pay Daniel Daniel 3 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
07/26/1987 The Frightened, The Frauds, and... Daniel Daniel 2 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
07/19/1987 Four Teenagers who Wouldn't Daniel Daniel 1 CBC | WFTH Stephen Davey
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